Girth Record releases so far:

Them MartyrsWretched EP 12″ (GIR007)

1. Abort
2. Ghost Walk
3. Sleep Away Days
4. Back Masking

The 4-song EP from Ireland’s hardcore heroes Them Martyrs (formerly Les Christpunchers) packs a wollop of melodic post-metal hardcore. Them Martyrs is Greym Stakem (vocals), Kev (bass), Tebs (guitar), Gavin (guitar) and Nigel (drums). Available on 12″ vinyl (with Randall Records).

$10 ppd (North America)

DottButton EP (GIR006)

1. Seen You Lately
2. Let’s Do It
3. Leave Tonight
4. Cherry Blossom

Button is the eagerly awaited debut EP by Galway band Dott who play shiney, harmony driven garage pop. Dott is lead by songwriter Anna McCarthy (guitar/vocals) with Laura Finnegan (bass), Nicola Cosgrove (guitar) and Tony Higgins (drums).

CD – $5 ppd (N. America only; all others should contact Popical Island)

Rubber Cushion – Crazy b/w I Won’t Be Your Lover 7″ (GIR005)

1. Crazy (sample)
2. I Won’t Be Your Lover

vinyl 7″ w/digital download code – $5 ppd (N. America only; intl orders please contact us directly)

State of FranklinThe Cancer EP (GIR004)

1. Fuck You, Cancer (low fi MP3)
2. Sleep Tight
3. Deeper

CD – $5 ppd

Sivle Si Dog Room 30 (GIR003)

CD – $5 ppd

1. Channel 1
2. Lust Bisquit
3. Channel 2
4. Wedding Song
5. Gank (listen)
6. Channel 3
7. Country
8. Shovel Head
9. What the Hell?
10. Pube Art
11. Mud Midget
12. Waffle Haus
13. Rolf
14. Trevor Says
15. Sugie Boogie
16. Dick Trickle
17. Whitey
18. Outro

The final full-length release, recorded in Boston, MA shortly before they disbanded. This CD captures the band at the height of their power, with the addition of a second guitarist. Only $5 ppd.

Sivle Si Dog – Ham Biscuit (GIR002)

out of print!

Sivle Si Dog Drain-0 (GIR001)

10″ vinyl – $5

1. Tired (listen)
2. Drain-o
3. Josie
4. On the occasion of the knighthood of George Herbert Walker Bush (sweet elizabeth)
5. Catapult (live)
6. PCP and Red, White & Blue (live)

The 1994 release of Boone, NC’s legendary Sivle Si Dog. Surrounded by a bunch of hippy jam bands in the mountains of NC, Sivle Si Dog blazed their own punk rock musical trail. Girth Record’s very first release, re-issued to celebrate the return of the label. Only $5, plus $2 for shipping.