About Girth

Girth Records was formed by the band Sivle Si Dog in 1993 in order to release their own music. No other record label would have us, so why not start releasing our own stuff. The first release was the 10″ EP Drain-O. In typical amateur fashion, we pressed more copies than we could sell. Plus, we released it on vinyl just when everyone seemed to be ditching that format. On top of that, we chose to go with the expensive 10″ version just because nobody else seemed to be dealing with that format. Clearly, we were doomed to lose money with this label. Ah, but who cares. We then released a few more things, usually on that other dying medium: cassette tape. After the band called it quits, the label lay dormant for awhile. Then, in 2010, I decided to resurrect it as part of the Geneva13 Press empire. The goal is to continue to release quality music, following an inept business model that guarantees my financial ruin.

You can contact us via e-mail: info[at]girthrecords[dot]com

or po box 13, Geneva, NY 14456


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  1. JODY GARDNER says:

    Thank You…….

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