sivle si dog’s drain-o rereleased

Girth Records is proud to announce the re-issuing of our very first release: Sivle Si Dog’s Drain-o EP on 10” vinyl. The EP is over 16 years old. And it shows: with songs about the commercialization of indie culture with the marketing of Grunge ©, AIDS/homophobia/racism, and a rather naïve (considering what was awaiting us) rant about George Bush SR. But the EP is an interesting document of a particular time and place. The Drain-o debut captures the sound of a bunch of punks operating in almost complete isolation in the mountains of North Carolina, far from any supportive punk scene. Coming out of the region around Boone, NC, there was no other band like Sivle Si Dog. The scene was dominated by hippy jam bands and Sivle Si Dog stood out like a sore, puss-filled thumb. The band eventually moved to Boston around 1996, slowly building up a strong following in places like The Rat, TT’s, and Jaques. They released two full-lengths, Ham Biscuit and Room 30, over the next few years. The band disbanded in 1997, with a few of the remaining members mutating into Cops on Crutches and, later, Anushka Pop and Mantooth.

Drain-o is the sound of a band finding their own voice, surrounded by hostile hippy jam bands and a stagnant bluegrass/folk music scene. Yeah, it is almost two decades old, but the passion and anger is still there. Released at the time when vinyl was (seemingly) dying and the 10” was the unwanted bastard child, the EP captured a wide array of bad business decisions. Almost two decades later, Girth Records continues to make stupid choices and we’re proud of that. Instead of giving up the ghost, we’ve got more new releases in the pipeline. But it seems fitting to announce our return to the field with the re-issue of our very first release: Sivle Si Dog’s Drain-o EP. Only $5, plus $2 for shipping.

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